Website building

A website gives your business an opening to new customers and thus new opportunities. Creating a website is the first step in expanding portfolio of clients and in promoting your brand. Nowadays, when the technology is rapidly evolving, a website makes original online market an important differentiator from other companies.
Considering the above, we have developed an offer to integrate the full range of services required for a website, hosting it (if necessary including personalized email addresses) and online promotion.

General Capabilities:
• We create online stores
• We build websites for company presentation (HTML, PHP, Macromedia Flash, Java Script)
• Providing dynamic elements within the site depending on customer preference
• Interactive and customized forms
• Automate the processes involved
• Update, hosting and maintenance for already built sites
• Consulting in acquiring the domain (free for our clients)

You can find a large number of web templates we use for web design, categorized and organized by types.

For more details on the collaboration, please contact us.