Server management

We have the capability to manage your servers and we recommend you to outsource this service to Red Bullet team in order to relieve you of responsibility in terms of data security and proper functioning of the IT infrastructure. Specifically, we provide a permanent for customer’s servers in order to have all systems to operate continuously and at full capacity. At the same time, each request and issue arises is solved in the shortest time as is in the subscription contract.

Server management is provided for two types of servers that addresses both the companies that already own a server and also to those customers who would like to add one more:
• Servers that have the Linux operating system
• Servers that have the Windows operating system

Our team creates customized management solutions, perfectly adapted to every need:
• Server gateway – NAT services, routing, firewall, filter and prioritize traffic bans in the local network to the Internet, bandwidth limitation for data upload and download, etc..
• Email Server – Hosted email addresses, SMTP and POP3 or IMAP services, Webmail interface.
• Server VPN (Virtual Private Networking) to link two or more customer locations.
• FTP Server – Linux-based server for data transfer through the Internet.
• File server – a server that allows sharing files in the local network and client-based access rules.
• Web server – a server that allows the display of one or more Internet websites.

For more details on the collaboration, please contact us.