IT service

During our maintenance work we focus on the prevention.
Whenever we have the opportunity to talk with a potential client we insist on explaining the benefits of a subscription-based collaboration and not only on interventions upon demand. It is primarily the fact that the series of planned interventions that are included in the contract, it significantly reduces the number of situations where due to a fault (hardware or software) the activity of the client suffers losses. Subscriptions are built for the specific needs of each client and include preventive activities, interventions (when needed) and IT consulting. For the customer, on medium and long term is more convenient in terms of financial cooperation the subscription based collaboration.

For the maintenance subscription we will like to visit your location in order to introduce ourselves, to discuss the challenges of your activity and to do an audit of your IT equipment (hardware and software). The visit will be to the point and brief. Shortly after this, we will present you our offer. Contact Us!

These are the main activities performed during our maintenance work:
• Permanent identification of hazards and weaknesses of IT systems – preventive purpose
• We provide technical and commercial recommendations to solve these problems – preventive purpose
• We provide solutions for backing up your data – preventive purpose
• In the event of malfunctions, we identify and analyze the causes that generate them. Together we
implement measures to avoid them in the future.
• Repair of damaged or affected equipment by replacing the needed components or (if necessary) the installation of new equipment.
• Configuring computers and peripherals
• Upgrade of components
• Installing operating systems and various software programs
• Protection against viruses : security solutions, antivirus for mail servers
• Debugging
• IT Consultancy : permanent assistance for purchasing your computer, any type of components or
software, to choose the provider of Internet and in general for any matter regarding IT.

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